The Power of Hope

About this time last year, I made a bet with a friend that lockdowns would be lifted, and our lives would be returning to normal by 4thof July.  The wager was an expensive dinner.  I am still working to pay off that meal. 

I am an optimistic person. I believe this intrinsic positivity serves me well.  Part of my personal mission, in fact, is to embrace that nature and share it with others. 

We have certainly endured our share of conflict over this past year-plus.  It is time to embrace hope.  There are no better examples of hope than witnessing the sheer joy of newly engaged couples or parents welcoming a new baby.   Hope signals expectancy that goodness abounds.  That happiness and love seek our companionship.  That our best days are ahead of us.  

I have had the pleasure of celebrating several recent engagements and new births among friends and clients.  I am grateful for these beautiful testaments to hope.  They energize me to share that spirit with others.  Through kind words, invitations to lunch or a simple smile to a stranger walking by.  

The best is yet to come,