How We Did It | Property Spotlight: 3602 Artesian

How We Did It | Property Spotlight: 3602 Artesian

3602 N Artesian Avenue, North Center Neighborhood 

Closed in November 2019 | $1,675,006


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3602 N Artesian Avenue – a collaborative showcase of quality craftsmanship and good design

In this Property Spotlight series, we will take a look at both recent and past sales of homes I have had the pleasure of selling. I am proud of my ability to command record-breaking prices for both new construction and resale homes and condos across the city. 3602 Artesian is a classic example. While the home was stunning, its location was a challenge. Located on the corner of a busy street on the less desirable west side of Western Ave., a bustling commercial thoroughfare, this beautifully designed, five-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath home was built in 2017 as the personal residence of a second-generation custom home builder with an expertise in millwork.

The owners fashioned their home after 3726 Claremont, a nearby North Center Single Family I had sold. Bordering Western Avenue on the east side, the Claremont home introduced to that segment of the neighborhood a unique, open-floor plan with superior quality finishes, a custom all-brick exterior and a substantial limestone-detailed façade. Previously, no home had sold for more than $1.5 million on that street. We achieved a price of $1,950,000, opening the door for other developers to elevate their home offerings and price points.

After witnessing my success with Claremont, Artesian's owners approached me to sell their home. This all-brick residence was well-appointed, casting a cohesive farmhouse chic interior with 50 large windows that bathed the home in natural light across multiple exposures. They were seeking a sales price significantly higher than any other home had ever sold in their neighborhood.

We set out to craft a compelling storyline that wove together the owner’s unwavering attention to detail and quality construction with effective copywriting and a bountiful visual display of the home’s best features, inherent good design and elevated lifestyle.

The result: We achieved a sales price of $1,675,000 – $500,000 greater than any other sale west of Western.

I love elegant design. I appreciate the fine details, the thoughtful touches that enrich experiences, making them special, memorable. Our homes are an extension of who we are, a reflection of us, of how we want to live, and how we want to be perceived.

Done well, developing and selling real estate, particularly in the upper market, embraces this belief. This is where we excel. We help curate stories and create experiences that captivate minds and convert contracts.

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