Revitalized and Renewed

Revitalized and Renewed

Ever have an experience turning up when you need it? You may not even realize it until after the event has passed. I recently returned from three days in Anaheim, California. Hardly a top-travel destination, save the Disneyland enthusiasts, but the business convention at the Hilton revitalized and renewed me in countless ways.

The business planning and sales management course was content-rich and has helped shape a roadmap for my company’s growth. Yet, the travel experience proved far more worthwhile, jolting me from funk into a newfound appreciation of everyday simple pleasures, many of which were constrained the past two years:

  • Easy, maskless flights.
  • Genuinely friendly Uber drivers.
  • Unexpectedly good coffee in the hotel room.
  • The best bed I have slept in years.
  • Pleasant exchanges with hotel staff and waiters.
  • Pitch-perfect weather.
  • Fragrant flowers accompanying my late-afternoon walks.
  • Dozens of engaging conversations with other agents in attendance.
  • A perfectly cooked filet at Morton’s.
  • The arrival of thousands of Star Wars pilgrims donned in costumes and equipped with sabers.
  • There was no visit to Disneyland, still, my trip was magical, enjoying everyday pleasures and relishing every minute.
  • Wishing you a summer filled with simple joys.

Warmly, Cadey!


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