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Welcome to Lakeview

Known as friendly, approachable, and laid-back, Lakeview is an integration of several neighborhoods, including East Lakeview, Central Lakeview, Northalsted, and Wrigleyville. Each is a unique pocket with distinct characteristics, yet they meld together under a universally casual, welcoming feel.

Bordered by a stunning stretch of Lake Michigan’s shoreline to the east, Lakeview is an amazing spot to call home. Though just outside Chicago’s downtown area, each neighborhood has a small-town feel, creating close comradery and vibrant ambiance. 

Lakeview’s residential architecture is as rich and engaging as its neighborhoods. When picturing iconic Chicago design, two-flats and courtyard buildings often come to mind. Though historic in design, these single-family homes and apartments are equipped with all the modern amenities. The lush detailing within the homes adds a classic element, making the Lakeview residences inviting and timeless. Upscale condominiums and lofts have also been erected in East Lakeview, punctuating the skyline with luxury buildings for Lakeview locals. The sleek lofts and condominiums provide a modern, open-air feeling, with windows often overlooking the shoreline. 

What to Love 

  • Easily accessible public transportation
  • Fabulous lakeside parks 
  • Welcoming community made of friendly residents
  • Thriving nightlife 

Local Lifestyle

When sitting in one of the lakefront parks bordering the district, it’s easy to see why Lakeview is known as being one of the most laid-back neighborhoods in Chicago. Chill and easy-going, the residents exalt the merits of slow living. 

Being minutes away from the hub of downtown Chicago can imply pressure on neighborhoods to maintain the high-paced energy of the booming metropolis. However, Lakeview residents have created a district prioritizing friendly accessibility. As mentioned, Lakeview is a large district made up of multiple neighborhoods and communities. As unique as they are, all are welcoming and vibrant, eager to invite people to join their community and have a good time. Due to Wrigleyville, avid baseball fans congregate to celebrate wins and mourn losses, coming together as a city to enjoy the sport. Residents of all ages love a chance to spend time in the pristine parks on the waterfront. 

Dining, Entertainment, & Shopping

Serving classic cocktails and Italian-Mediterranean cuisine, Ella Elli is an atmospheric spot for a night out with friends. Their cocktail lounge is the ideal location for craft drinks and creative bites.

Sochi Saigonese Kitchen is a rare and precious local gem. Traditional Saigonese dishes tease the palette with crisp produce and complex flavors within the breezy interior. As a celebration of Argentinian cuisine, Tango Sur brings rich tastes to Chicago. Saturated with a sensual ambiance, the restaurant offers an immersive and delicious dining experience. 

For many, Italian food equates to sumptuous pasta. Coda di Volpe is dedicated to exploring the unique dishes found in Southern Italy, creating new, mouth-watering meals to crave.

For a variety of shopping, Lakeview residents can stroll along the Southside Corridor, visiting major brands and breweries located on the street. 

Things to Do 

It would be remiss to speak of Lakeview without mentioning the home of the Chicago Cubs, also known as Wrigley Field. This iconic sports arena has housed some of the most legendary games in baseball history and is a landmark for sports enthusiasts. 

As a tribute to Wrigley Field’s designer, Zackery Taylor Davis, Hotel Zachary is a feather in Marriott BonVoy’s cap. Their effortless sophistication has made this hotel a landmark open to the community. Music Box Theatre is the top location for those who want to see foreign and international films in a classic Art Deco theater. This 1929 movie theater is a dream for cinephiles. Midnight viewings of classic films add a level of whimsy that delights and intrigues locals.

Chicago houses some of America’s most notorious comedy clubs, with Laugh Factory ranking at the top of the list. Dozens of beloved comics got their start in the Laugh Factory, later rocketing to notoriety. This club is the perfect spot for residents who want a night out to sit back and have a few laughs.

Once an old brewery, Schubas Tavern is more than an amazing bar and restaurant. It is also a well-respected music venue. Indie bands dominate the underground music scene through performances at the earthy Schubas Tavern, offering dinner and a show through great food and quality music. 

Lincoln Hall is the ideal venue for great music and beverages. Connected to a laid-back cocktail bar, this venue has housed local and national artists of all genres.


Lakeview has some of the best schools in the U.S., some of which are:


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