I like the idea of discovery. The open invitation to set out, wander and explore.  Discovery implies an uncharted adventure where there are no clear course maps, guidelines or directions.  Discovery invokes freedom and possibility.

Discovery can sometimes lead us to our most memorable experiences or produce our most thoughtful insights.  Other times, discovery can simply help us clear our minds and renew our spirits. 

I was reminded of the simple beauty of discovery during an impromptu day trip to Michigan last week. I pointed my car toward Three Oaks, a town I had wanted to explore, and set off on my little journey.   I wandered into shops, conversed with shop owners, perused books and antiques and purchased a few things. I then climbed back in my car and started driving with no set plan.  I turned down gravel roads, walked through cemeteries, inhaled fresh air and snapped photos of prairies, hillsides, old fences, anything that caught my eye or attention.

There was no eureka moment. Just a magical day doing nothing of consequence and enjoying every minute.

To discovery,